Roland Hunn (a.k.a. Soup Camel) - Raised in NJ until he went to
WVU in 1969. Studied music and guitar since a very early age.
Confined his music to the front porch in Arnettsville, WV for over
thirty years before stepping up to the stage to play in open mics
and perform as Soup Camel. He has a catalog of about twenty
songs that he composed of which about a dozen are performed
regularly by the group.
Mary Kay Stiles (a.k.a. Motown Minnie K) - Originally from
Louisville and Miami. She came to Independence WV with
her late husband Gilbert Stiles to set up his luthier shop.
MK has been around music for many years but stopped
playing the bass nearly 18 years ago when Gilbert passed
away. She was coaxed back to playing by close friends and
Soup Camel and has played as his bass player since 2008.
Alan Martin (a.k.a. The Beat Doctor) - Alan is MK's
brother and moved back to the Morgantown area to
help out MK. He has been around music and
percussion for as long as he can remember. He too
was coaxed to play with the group in January 2009. He
never met a beat he didn't like to keep.
Leslie Roddy (a.k.a. Leslie Faye) - Born and raised in
West Virginia. Came to sing with Soup Camel Music in
January 2011. The group felt it needed another voice
to make things more interesting and Leslie has done
just that. Harmonies and solos have been added to the
repertoires that have expanded the music base.
Dave Insley (a.k.a. Delta Dave) - Dave is our newest
member and is from the Oakland, Md. area and formerly
from Baltimore. He has played music for many years
including a stint in the Baltimore Colts Marching Band, the
largest NFL marching band. Dave has added yet another
dimension to Soup Camel Music with his clarinet and
harmonica playing.  Delta Dave joined Soup Camel Music in
the fall of 2011.
Soup Camel Music is Soup Camel, Motown Minnie K,  The Beat Doctor, The Lovely
Leslie Faye, and Delta Dave. Their music is an eclectic mix of genres that can only
be described as Americana.  Mostly acoustic in nature, it is rooted in the Jazz/Blues
era from the 1920's to the 1940's and beyond with occasional journeys into World
Music.  When asked what kind of music they play the answer is,
"The music that we
   Soup Camel Music is for fun!
Kimberlee Thorne (The Lovely Kimberlee Thorne)  
Grew up in Rivesville, WV where her father was the
Rivesville High School Band director.  Needless to say
Kim has always been around music and has shown her
prowess by filling in at several slots in the band.  
Currently, she is our feature female vocalist.